We recommend that you read and study the contents of the Handbook before attempting the practice tests on our website. The Handbook can be found in the ‘Official Handbook’ section and the practice tests can be found in the ‘Practice Test’ section of the website.

Our practice tests are based on the official Life in the United Kingdom tests and give you a feel of the real test before you go to the test centre to sit for your final test. We recommend that you complete all 45 tests on our website to maximize your chances of passing the test on your first attempt.

While practicing the tests, it is important to ensure that you learn from your mistakes. The ‘Test Results’ tab in ‘My Account’ section will have a log of all the tests you have attempted, the questions you answered incorrectly and explanations for the correct answers. This will allow you to review your tests easily and compare your answers for similar tests to ensure that you keep improving your results.

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